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            This research paper discusses how fraternity men’s masculinity combined with excessive amounts of alcohol lead to a multitude of problems.  Such problems include sexual and physical violence, over-the-top hazing events, injuries, and death.  Binge drinking occurs on campuses all over the country and is on the rise substantially among Greek organizations.  Binge drinking occurs when a male drink five beverages and women drink four beverages in a short period of time.  Fraternity men consume much more than that on a nightly basis because they feel the need to try and prove how manly they actually are.  When intoxicated, it is like second nature for these men to act like they are on top of the food chain.  To curb this phenomena, we must begin to find more effective solutions.  Solutions could be anywhere from new forms of masculinity counseling to positive masculine growth.  The only way for these men to receive help is by letting others in, something that they really are not familiar with.  This is why we must make conscious efforts that help men give in to counseling and help.


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